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Monthly Archives: December 2009

5 Tips for effective Weight Loss this New Year

If you gained more weight during the Christmas season or have strayed from your diet, then getting back in shape is probably one of your New Years resolutions.

However, shifting those excess lbs does not have to feel like an uphill struggle. You too can discover how to lose Christmas weight healthily and remain in firm control of your weight loss throughout all seasons.

Below we have concocted a range of New Year weight loss tips that can effectively be used for all occasions – even in preparation for your next New Years party!

New Year Weight Loss

1. Eat small meals regularly – forget eating 3 square meals a day and spread your daily calorie intake over 5 small meals. By splitting each meal into 300 calorie segments, not only can you ensure that you stay fuller for longer and don’t snack, but you can ensure that your metabolism remains consistent and doesn’t suffer from sugar drops.

Please Note: make sure to eat a balanced diet of 40% carbohydrates, 30% proteins and 30% fats. Continue reading

First Children’s Do-It-Yourself Weight-Loss Program

With many American children overweight and obese, Smart for Life’s new THIN ADVENTURE(TM) Children’s Weight Loss Program introduces an affordable 30-day weight-loss program designed for children between the ages of 6 and 14.

It will be available at http://www.smartforlife.com and other affiliated retailers in January 2010.

The program was designed by Dr. Sasson Moulavi (Dr. Sass), a bariatric physician with over 20 years experience: “The program took a long time to develop because we wanted to prepare healthy foods that will be accepted by kids as a tastier and cooler alternative to junk food they are eating now.”

The program consists of a variety of choices including cupcakes, cookies, cereals, soups, shakes, hot cocoa and more. These are not the typical snacks parents think of when trying to feed children healthy foods.

Instead, they are higher in protein and fiber and lower in sugar and fats. Because of the unique food technology and all-natural ingredients, THIN ADVENTURE(TM) products taste great while suppressing the appetite, without drugs or stimulants, longer than regular food. Continue reading

10 weight loss tips : Importance of walking everyday

Walking is a great exercise, a brilliant way to lose weight, fight stress and tone up. But it can be boring if you let it.

So don’t let it! Follow our tips on how to make your walking exciting and you will be looking forward to exercise (and not just the weight loss) rather than dreading it.

Bring a friend

The fact is that having a friend walking along with you can really help you enjoy yourself more. Socializing, gossiping, discussing work, goals etc all help you forget the miles that you are walking, pass the time and generally help you lose weight.

If you work together on the weight loss targets then you will find yourselves bonding over what you are trying to achieve whilst pushing each other on when the will power may be a tad less than 100% . Continue reading

6 Ways to make exercise a habit for quick weight loss

The important thing when exercising is to do it regularly. There is no point in running 10 miles one day and then not exercising for another 3 weeks.

Getting yourself into the habit of exercising on a regular basis is important. It helps get you fitter and it helps set your mind to making sure it gets done.

But unfortunately getting into the habit of regular exercise is easier said than done. Most people start of with good intentions, but once obstacles get in their way, or they start feeling tired, or a million other reasons, they stop… because it’s not yet a habit.

So here we look at the top 6 ways for you to make exercising a habit, and ensure that you keep yourself pushing forward, getting fitter, slimmer and healthier along the way. Continue reading

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