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Monthly Archives: January 2011

How to lose weight faster by just walking

Now walking to lose weight is a great way of shifting unwanted fat, burning calories and improving your health. It comes with many health benefits from helping prevent cancer to decreasing stress levels.

But sometimes people can reach a plateau or are looking for a quicker boost for their health and weight loss regime than a 30 minute pleasant stroll around the park can give.

So thats where we come in, follow the tips below and your walking to weight loss regime will be working that much quicker.

Walk faster

Lets start with the obvious… walk faster. You burn roughly the same amount of calories per mile whether you walk it or run it. So the faster you walk for your 30minutes a day the more calories you will burn, as you will have traveled more distance in the same amount of time. So don’t walk around like you are trying to avoid getting to the principles office and actually stride, the lbs will start flying off you.

Walk before breakfast Continue reading

Why walking can help you achieve faster weight loss

Weight has become a big problem in the Western world, more and more people are dangerously overweight, causing health problems and impacting on both their length and quality of life. Slowly though people are coming around to the importance of keeping themselves healthy and the benefits of such exercises as walking are being realized.

Walking does far more for health bonuses than many people realize. It is often thought that to get fit and lose weight you need to join a gym, jog regularly or play sports, thankfully this is not the case.

Weight loss

The importance of burning calories is well known. But did you know that you can burn 120 calories per mile walked? If you think that most people walk between 3 and 4 miles in an hour that means you would be burning 240 calories for quick 30 minute walk. Spread that across 3 times a week and you will have burnt 720 extra calories a week. Continue reading