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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Traditional Chinese Medicine exhibition opens in Vienna Austria

The three-day Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) exhibition opened Friday in the Flower Garden Hirschstetten in Vienna, with the aim to introduce traditional Chinese medicine to the Austrians and arouse interest in the culture of Chinese medicine.

Holding for the second time, the exhibition this year have attracted more visitors to take part in the health talks on traditional Chinese medicine, read or buy books around the theme of traditional Chinese medicine. Some visitors enthusiastically tried Chinese diet therapy prepared by the organizers.

In recent years, traditional Chinese medicine has been increasingly recognized and accepted in Austria. It has already not only entered into the classroom but also into the hospital and clinic. Continue reading

Five Tips to Maximize the Juice Freshly Squeezed

There are many reasons to start drinking fresh fruit juice and make it as a habit. Since the quality of our food is increasingly questionable, we dont even know what essential nutrients they have unlike eating fresh fruit juices or vegetables.

Fresh Orange Juice
Fresh Orange Juice

Juicing for health: The juice is more favored than the best people to take their health and well being of their families. Drinking fresh juice is an excellent state of health and social services. Food they buy in the stores are less healthy, such as dealers and shops are much more fascinated by the life of things, then they are in the nutritional value of foods for consumers. Continue reading