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6 Ways to make exercise a habit for quick weight loss

The important thing when exercising is to do it regularly. There is no point in running 10 miles one day and then not exercising for another 3 weeks.

Getting yourself into the habit of exercising on a regular basis is important. It helps get you fitter and it helps set your mind to making sure it gets done.

But unfortunately getting into the habit of regular exercise is easier said than done. Most people start of with good intentions, but once obstacles get in their way, or they start feeling tired, or a million other reasons, they stop… because it’s not yet a habit.

So here we look at the top 6 ways for you to make exercising a habit, and ensure that you keep yourself pushing forward, getting fitter, slimmer and healthier along the way.

1. Set out a time in your schedule

It is easy to say that you will exercise when you have the time. But you also said that about retiling the bathroom or painting the stairway, both of which still need doing. Block out a time period that you can use every week for exercise in. Once it is in your schedule it is far harder to make excuses about missing it

2. Find a partner to exercise with

Exercising with someone is far better than doing so alone, and you are more likely to keep it going. When exercising it is more social meaning you enjoy it more, and they are then to drive you, or force you to exercise when your own commitment is lagging.

3. Make an exercise diary

If you start recording down everything you are doing then you will get it into your mind that what you are doing is more important. So keep a record of what exercise you are doing, and how often and long you are doing it. This will encourage you to keep going, no one wants to look at the big gaps in their schedule.

4. Set yourself goals

Many people are goal or target driven, and you can use this to your advantage when exercising. Set yourself a goal of how far you are going to run, or how fast. Look at aiming for a certain weight loss or reduction in waist size. If you set yourself a realistic goal you will be more motivated to exercise to try reach that target.

5. Reward yourself

If you are having trouble thinking past the pain that the exercise will bring rather than the benefits, start thinking more material. By rewarding yourself for reaching certain targets, or managing so many exercise sessions you will give yourself something material to look forward to. Whether its a food type, tickets to a sporting event or a day in a spa… if you find that material things are easier to focus on than targets then cater to yourself, you know your mind better than anyone else.

6. Rest often

Sounds a little backwards doesn’t it? Well the fact is the body can’t cope with exercise every day and hope to recover. So make sure that you are taking rest days in between exercise days (depending on your regime 2 days exercise, 1 day off works well), it allows your muscles a chance to recharge and your body to get over its aches. You will be far more motivated to go again once your body has stopped hurting!

So there you have it, 6 very easy tips to help make exercise a habit. Once it is a habit it is far easier to keep going, so use these tips to get you into a healthy lifestyle.

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