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Study says Eating slowly may reduce hunger

Good FoodEating at a slow speed may help reduce hunger, U.S. researchers said Monday.

Previous research suggests that the ability to control energy intake may be affected by the speed at which we eat, and a high eating rate may impair the relationship between the sensory signals and processes that regulate how much we eat.

In order to learn more about the link between eating speed and energy intake, researchers at the Texas Christian University examined how eating speed affects calories consumed during a meal in both normal weight subjects as well as overweight or obese subjects.

In the new study, a group of normal-weight subjects and a group of overweight or obese subjects were asked to consume two meals in a controlled environment.

All subjects ate one meal slowly, instructed to imagine that they had no time constraints, take small bites, chew thoroughly, and pause and put the spoon down between bites, and a second meal quickly, instructed to imagine that they had a time constraint, take large bites, chew quickly, and not pause and put the spoon down. Continue reading

Effective Weight Loss Program

Effective Weight Loss ProgramFrom a medical perspective, weight loss simply refers to decrease in the body’s mass. This could be as a result of loss of body fat (adipose tissue), body fluids or lean body mass. Weight loss can occur unintentionally as from a disease of intentionally using dietary and physical methods.

Diseases that can cause unintentional weight loss are many, including cancer and HIV/AIDS. Such diseases alter hormonal balances in the body, depriving it of essential minerals of life hence weight loss. Starvation is also a major cause of unconscious weight loss.

Intentional weight loss has become a major trend in today’s world. Being overweight not only hinders one social life but also comes with numerous medical complications. For this reason, obese and overweight people have resorted to many ways of losing weight to minimize chances of developing illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and a variety of cancers. For others, weight loss is undertaken to improve their appearance and fitness too. For this reason, many institutions across the globe have come up with schedules to help people lose weight. Continue reading

Turbo Boost your diet with vegetable juice

In the case of the poverty of their overeating food, vegetable juice is a form. Why is the juice of raw feeding?

There is a distance of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients (nutrients, namely communication) in the first seed like juice than any other writer. Because people think that all the best ice cream, in counterpoint with grilled vegetables of nutrients is to cook Elation inadequate.

A central problem is the juice of the raw pigment, the potent antioxidant green keeper on each floor, which is an important part of photosynthesis, the touch, and the plant workers of sunlight. This nutrient is abundant eudemonia benefits.

A factory finish premium in success a period of digestion, the friend of his method of digestion, detoxification of the colon (Small Mountain), raise the levels of violence help to embody the best hair and nails, and increase your group of immune system. Benevolent reasons to get the juice. Continue reading

Why Oolong Tea Is Good For Health And Weight Loss?

Oolong tea is allowed to reduce the drying in the sun, leads to a system of abuse of discovery. The perceptions of tea in eastern India have, for example, Oolong is from the angle of the “health and weight loss” of marketing, wholesaler and retailer determines taken much more active.

And at least half of the equation is really nice oolong tea drink offering, as fit as they come, and a pond with colored sugar-candy, the real mode of water as the liquid had to be broken at his thirst.

After stating the amount of oxidation achieved either folded or rolled into balls and roasted pressed to stop oxidation. Various degrees of bruising and oxidation are used to give different effects and tea. The oxidation is low, the oxidation of green tea, black tea or white in the vicinity.

This bruises the oxidation process and also affects the phenol content of tea. Phenols are fabulous and all things seem normal for aircraft (which is correct, anti-oxidants). Continue reading

Bench Press – Build muscle mass and strength in the arm

The arms are a very important part of our body. It`s not just building muscles to show off,but also to use strength in our daily life.

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Bench Press Tips

Simple things like carrying objects,grab a chair,hang a picture or even drive a car,make it necessary to work the muscle mass and strength in the upper extremities,from where it`s exercised most of the effort on this type of activities. Continue reading

Why walking can help you achieve faster weight loss

Weight has become a big problem in the Western world, more and more people are dangerously overweight, causing health problems and impacting on both their length and quality of life. Slowly though people are coming around to the importance of keeping themselves healthy and the benefits of such exercises as walking are being realized.

Walking does far more for health bonuses than many people realize. It is often thought that to get fit and lose weight you need to join a gym, jog regularly or play sports, thankfully this is not the case.

Weight loss

The importance of burning calories is well known. But did you know that you can burn 120 calories per mile walked? If you think that most people walk between 3 and 4 miles in an hour that means you would be burning 240 calories for quick 30 minute walk. Spread that across 3 times a week and you will have burnt 720 extra calories a week. Continue reading