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Getting Educated About High Cholesterol

You do actually need cholesterol and fats to sustain good health. So, reflecting on cholesterol, it is not all bad! It is essential during all stages of our life to have a certain amount of fat and cholesterol. Indeed it is a neccessity for brain development, cell growth and giving us energy to pursue our daily challenges. Cholesterol is utilised in the body to establish cell walls, and as a building block for creating Vitamin D and various hormones.

Hence you can clearly see how important cholesterol is to your well-being… But, there is a downside to too much, and you need to be aware of what is good and bad cholesterol. Together with this you need to learn more about avoiding high cholestoral if you are going to be properly healthy.

So then, if cholesterol is so amazing, why are we trying to get lower cholesterol!? Simply put, let’s answer this question. Having a ‘healthy’ amount of cholesterol is good for you. However when blood cholesterol levels exceed 200mg/dL (milligrams per deciliter), you become at risk for developing heart disease. In which case it is important to realise that exercising and having a diet that is high in cholesterol lowering foods should be a top priority. Continue reading

Affordable Health Insurance Quotes Explained For Layman

There are quite a lot Americans who are living without health insurance today. It is not a proud thing to admit, but the government is trying to do things to help them. The death toll is high enough, and medicine is expensive, so you do need to sort something out. You don’t have to wait for the government if you can get it yourself.  And many times it is actually available at a much cheaper price then you may imagine.

Even if you cannot afford comprehensive health insurance, you can start with whatever little you do have and build up from there. Anything might occur for which you need medical attention at any time, and the health insurance package you get today could be what saves you.

Think of it this way. Without health insurance, you are a sitting duck for any disease or medical condition out there. When the day arrives and the doctor insists that you have to make payment before you can get the healthcare you need to stay alive, you may find things very uncomfortable for you. And you could have taken care of it with a simple health insurance package. Continue reading

Natural Weight Loss Diet

Of the four dimensions of our being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, in this article I will cover the Physical Dimension which is most important for the reduction of Kapha and the correlating reduction in weight.

Weight Loss Tips from Ayurveda:

1. Ayurvedic Diet for Weight Loss:

Obviously an anti-kapha diet is the place to start when looking to lose weight. This means eating lots of fruits, vegetables, spicy foods and whole grains.

2. Exercise for Weight Loss:

The following Ayurvedic guidelines should be followed for proper exercise with regard to weight loss: Continue reading