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Effective Weight Loss ProgramFrom a medical perspective, weight loss simply refers to decrease in the body’s mass. This could be as a result of loss of body fat (adipose tissue), body fluids or lean body mass. Weight loss can occur unintentionally as from a disease of intentionally using dietary and physical methods.

Diseases that can cause unintentional weight loss are many, including cancer and HIV/AIDS. Such diseases alter hormonal balances in the body, depriving it of essential minerals of life hence weight loss. Starvation is also a major cause of unconscious weight loss.

Intentional weight loss has become a major trend in today’s world. Being overweight not only hinders one social life but also comes with numerous medical complications. For this reason, obese and overweight people have resorted to many ways of losing weight to minimize chances of developing illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and a variety of cancers. For others, weight loss is undertaken to improve their appearance and fitness too. For this reason, many institutions across the globe have come up with schedules to help people lose weight.

The safest and most recommended weight loss techniques include increased physical activity in form of exercises and adjusted eating habits. Physicians recommend that patients who are overweight reduce processed food and calories in their diet while at the same time engage in regular physical exercises. In addition, intake of fiber should be increased so as to regulate bowel movements. Crash dieters resort to only taking water for twelve working hours to lose weight.

As a last resort in losing weight, bariatric surgery is performed on patients suffering from severe obesity. It involves two main processes: gastric bypass and gastric banding. In this form of surgery, the size of the stomach is reduced in a bid to limit one’s food intake. Another extreme weight loss method is by embracing dietary supplements. However, these product which are on sale in many shops worldwide, are only effective in the short time and might bear severe side effects.

Whereas weight loss comes with a number of benefits ranging from improved health to desirable appearances, it should be noted that being underweight can also result to many health complications. This includes reduced ability to fight off disease, decreased muscular strength, osteoporosis and difficulty in thermoregulation. For this reason, do not over-indulge in weight loss activities and ensure you seek counsel from qualified health experts, just so that you do not go beyond the limits.

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