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How to lose weight faster by just walking

Now walking to lose weight is a great way of shifting unwanted fat, burning calories and improving your health. It comes with many health benefits from helping prevent cancer to decreasing stress levels.

But sometimes people can reach a plateau or are looking for a quicker boost for their health and weight loss regime than a 30 minute pleasant stroll around the park can give.

So thats where we come in, follow the tips below and your walking to weight loss regime will be working that much quicker.

Walk faster

Lets start with the obvious… walk faster. You burn roughly the same amount of calories per mile whether you walk it or run it. So the faster you walk for your 30minutes a day the more calories you will burn, as you will have traveled more distance in the same amount of time. So don’t walk around like you are trying to avoid getting to the principles office and actually stride, the lbs will start flying off you.

Walk before breakfast

A quick fun fact for you to know and tell… if you exercise before breakfast you actually burn as much as 30% more calories than you do after eating. Obviously that doesn’t mean you can eat 30% more food if you want to lose the weight, but it is definitely useful for knocking a couple of extra lbs off the hips.

Head for the hills

Walking up an incline burns even more calories again. So whilst we know walking up hills is more tiring it is also doing you more good than walking on the flat. Even better it helps target the stomach and thigh areas… two of the major weight gain areas on the body.

Pump your arms

Well maybe not pump them, because frankly you would look daft. But if you swing your arms whilst you are walking you burn calories at a rate of 10 – 15% extra. A pretty useful amount and well worth a funny look or two I think!

Take a deep breath

In fact take lots of them. Research has shown that the more oxygen you have in your system the more fat you burn, as your body needs fat to burn oxygen. By breathing deeply you bring more oxygen into your body and allow it to burn more fat. So take deep breaths from the diaphragm and allow your body to burn the fat naturally and more efficiently.

So there you go, follow those 5 easy and quick tips and you can dramatically increase the rate at which your walking helps you lose weight, and burn fat more efficiently. You’ll be in shape in no time.

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