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Facts and Myths about hair loss

It is time to settle the score once by separating the myths and facts about hair loss in men. Experts say that androgenetic alopecia (AGA), the most common form of progressive hair loss, led plenty of men to suffer from serious socio-physical woes such as embarrassment, anxiety and stress due to change in their appearance –from full-grown thick hair to thinning hair or at its extreme condition of bald head.

Facts and Myths about Hair Loss
Facts and Myths about Hair Loss

According to the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD), 50 percent of all males by age 40, or essentially, two out three men in their lifetime will suffer from AGA. Continue reading

Taiwan unveils new orchid species for use as chinese medicine

The Council of Agriculture (COA) on Wednesday unveiled a new orchid species for use in traditional Chinese medicine, saying it took eight years to breed and contains high levels of polysaccharides that are good for people in chemotherapy.

The Golden Emperor Number 1, a crossbreed between Dendrobium tosaense and Dendrobium stem, contains more polysaccharides than the premium orchid species Dendrobium huoshanense that originated in China’s Anhui Province, the council said.

Polysaccharides play a role in stimulating the immune system and can aid the recovery of patients in chemotherapy, said Wen Chi-luan, a research assistant at the council’s Taiwan Seed Improvement and Propagation Station. Continue reading

Yakon, a sweet vegetable root that’s natural cure for ailments

Yakon is a sweet root vegetable that is thought to be a natural cure for a lot of physical ailments.

Ruben Villanueva, the man who introduced yakon in Quezon City, said in an interview that way back in 2002, he doubted if it would sell because it was virtually an unknown commodity.

But many people also claim it is rich in medicinal ingredients that are very effective in healing diabetes, high blood, constipation and intestinal pains.

One real heartwarming story behind yakon is the miraculous turn of events that happened to Villanueva’s son. Continue reading

Dragon fruit, an all-cure natural healer?

Ever heard of a fruit that enhances metabolism, improves memory, digestion and immune system?

Although not popularly known to Filipinos before its introduction in the 90s, dragon fruit, commonly known as “saniata” or “pitahaya” from Central and South America has several uses, according to original Dragon Lady propagator Editha Dacuycuy’s daughter, Nini.

Dacuycuy, an outstanding rural woman and an awardee for high value crops, said during the recent “National Convergence Initiative for Sustainable Rural Development Summit”, organized by the Department of Agriculture, Department of Agrarian Reform, Department of Environment and Natural Resources and Department of Interior and Local Government spoke of dragon fruit’s several benefits. Continue reading

Turbo Boost your diet with vegetable juice

In the case of the poverty of their overeating food, vegetable juice is a form. Why is the juice of raw feeding?

There is a distance of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients (nutrients, namely communication) in the first seed like juice than any other writer. Because people think that all the best ice cream, in counterpoint with grilled vegetables of nutrients is to cook Elation inadequate.

A central problem is the juice of the raw pigment, the potent antioxidant green keeper on each floor, which is an important part of photosynthesis, the touch, and the plant workers of sunlight. This nutrient is abundant eudemonia benefits.

A factory finish premium in success a period of digestion, the friend of his method of digestion, detoxification of the colon (Small Mountain), raise the levels of violence help to embody the best hair and nails, and increase your group of immune system. Benevolent reasons to get the juice. Continue reading

The Plenty of Benefits of feeding whole Eggs

Perhaps you are putting up with egg-white omelets, in lieu of the honest occurrence. In the event you are in to low fat, and excluding the food from the egg, you could be nonexistent out on whatever crucial nutrients in your fasting. In fact, the benefits of uptake livelong foodstuff may be actual, and here are whatever things to think.

egg recipes weight lossAvoiding Fat and Cholesterol: Plenty of people are trying to cut a large plenty of fats from their diets, but they could be edged out things that they requisite.

For illustration, plenty of past studies pretence that intake an egg on an official part may be redeeming for your cardiovascular process, as it may ameliorate to keep execution clots. Slaying clots can be a beta probability constant in things much as motion or ticker assaults.

A recent work by the University Cultivate of concentrated fat can pertain cholesterol and can be a compute in disposition disease. Egg contains quintuplet grams of fat, but exclusive one.5 grams of supersaturated fat. Umpteen recent upbeat studies feigning that egg cholesterol does not significantly refer execution sterol, and in point of fact may very well touch to lour it whatever.

Still, in the event you are on cholesterol medication or screw a chronicle of hunch disease, it is ever prizewinning to ask together with your physician, and possibly a credentialed nutritionist. Continue reading