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Sharon Cuneta weight loss

Philippine actress, wife and mother Sharon Cuneta, being healthy is more important than merely losing weight to be physically attractive.

Sharon Cuneta Weight Loss Secrets
Sharon Cuneta Weight Loss Secrets

“I’ve always wanted to have a nice long walk with my children, not necessarily a marathon. It’s to keep up with them when I’m running after them, tickling them and playing with them, so that I’m not panting for breath,” says Sharon, who is mother to KC, Frankie, Miel and Miguel.

She also wants to do movies and admits that being overweight would make it difficult for her to have the energy to finish a movie.
“I want to give my fans my best. On screen, it is really unfair. If I lose 10 pounds, it doesn’t register right away because I am still carrying 10 pounds on TV. If I’m unlucky, I’m 10 to 15 pounds bigger on the screen,” says Sharon.

“I had to bring KC to Paris for college in 2003. Then, I found out I was pregnant in January of 2004. Wala na, dire-diretso na ang weight gain,” Sharon shares.

“It’s really my kids. I want to be active again for them,” she says.

At Marie France, the actress is losing weight in a way that closest to the natural method but she admits dieting alone would not have helped her at all.

“If I did what I’m doing now in terms of food intake and diet without their treatments, it would have been next to impossible for me to lose the amount of weight I had in the same amount of time. The treatments have helped me speed up my metabolism and reduce my fat. It’s worth it,” says Sharon.

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