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Lose weight by walking and help save the world

A bold claim right? Well it’s one that can be backed up if you are prepared to put a bit of effort in. Firstly the weight loss aspect of walking is proven… just 30 minutes a day can dramatically decrease your waist size whilst improving your fitness.

What is not so clear is how losing weight like this will help save the world.

Walk for Charity – Well you are doing all that walking anyway right, or you are if you want to burn the fat. So why not combine it with making money for charity?

There are 3 major ways of doing it.

1. Take part in an existing charity walk.

Thousand take place around the country and the odds are there is one happening near you soon. So enter it, raise the sponsorship money, complete the walk and collect the money, it really is that simple!

Even better because you will be doing it with hundreds, if not thousands of others, you will have people driving you forward to complete the course, far less chance of you dropping out early. Continue reading