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Some Great Ways to Stick to Your Diet When Dining Out

Just about anyone who diets to lose weight will agree that it is extremely difficult to deal with eating out . Some people who are dieting choose to steer clear of dining out completely, yet others tend to disregard their diet entirely and eat anything they choose . Eating out without wrecking your diet can be easy when you know how . You can still remain true to your diet, while having an enjoyable dinner with family and friends . Here are 7 simple tips to help you eat out while dieting .

1. Choose First Course Options Carefully: Most restaurants offer either a soup or salad first course . Make a wise decision with this course , if starting with soup, opt for vegetable based broth choices instead of cream based soups . If choosing salad, leave off the bacon bits and shredded cheese, and make sure you get your dressing on the side . You can save even more fat and calories by opting for low fat or fat free dressings . Oil and vinegar is a great alternative if the restaurant does not offer leaner dressing options .

2. Drink Plenty Of Water: Water should be your beverage of choice . Most people do not realize how many calories their beverages actually contain . Alcoholic drinks, sodas, and drinks containing sugar can add hundreds of empty calories . Let your meal make up the majority of your calories . Request water, and keep drinking it . Continue reading