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Why walking can help you achieve faster weight loss

Weight has become a big problem in the Western world, more and more people are dangerously overweight, causing health problems and impacting on both their length and quality of life. Slowly though people are coming around to the importance of keeping themselves healthy and the benefits of such exercises as walking are being realized.

Walking does far more for health bonuses than many people realize. It is often thought that to get fit and lose weight you need to join a gym, jog regularly or play sports, thankfully this is not the case.

Weight loss

The importance of burning calories is well known. But did you know that you can burn 120 calories per mile walked? If you think that most people walk between 3 and 4 miles in an hour that means you would be burning 240 calories for quick 30 minute walk. Spread that across 3 times a week and you will have burnt 720 extra calories a week. Continue reading

Strong Antioxidants, but which is more Potent, Acai or Maqui

 Maqui berry and Acai berry are the latest two ‘headline’ superfoods that have come out of South America in recent times . Acai berries have been something of  a sensation, in all  senses of the word, with a big  number of health  supplements now claiming  to tap into the health benefits  of the berry. But the Maqui berry has made quite an impact  itself lately – and recent testing   indicates  health benefits that can more than hold  their own against  the Acai berry .

The question on many people’s lips is now – which is better?

Acai Berry vs Maqui Berry

It is important  that you have  your mind is switched on when you compare the two  berries. Both make strong health  claims, most  of which have been verified by medical testing . But there has been scant research studies  of side by side results so we only can make an educated guess in  comparisons. Continue reading