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weight loss after christmas

5 Tips for effective Weight Loss this New Year

If you gained more weight during the Christmas season or have strayed from your diet, then getting back in shape is probably one of your New Years resolutions.

However, shifting those excess lbs does not have to feel like an uphill struggle. You too can discover how to lose Christmas weight healthily and remain in firm control of your weight loss throughout all seasons.

Below we have concocted a range of New Year weight loss tips that can effectively be used for all occasions – even in preparation for your next New Years party!

New Year Weight Loss

1. Eat small meals regularly – forget eating 3 square meals a day and spread your daily calorie intake over 5 small meals. By splitting each meal into 300 calorie segments, not only can you ensure that you stay fuller for longer and don’t snack, but you can ensure that your metabolism remains consistent and doesn’t suffer from sugar drops.

Please Note: make sure to eat a balanced diet of 40% carbohydrates, 30% proteins and 30% fats. Continue reading