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The Importance of Exercise in a Weight Loss Program

Your pants are a bit tight, you can’t seem to stop eating junk, and you’re tired all of the time.  It’s time to pay attention to your weight and fitness level.  Many people have had success combining a good diet with mini trampoline exercising.

Ugh, the Diet.

So many people go wrong here.  Forget fad diets, forget starvation.  Conistansy and time are the only method that will bring lasting results.  Try changing one thing about your diet.  Limit yourself to one soda a day.  Stop skipping meals.  If you always clean your plate, start leaving one or two bites.  A total change in diet is work.  If you go for a radical change, you are setting yourself up for failure.  You’ll be surprised how well small changes work.

The Right Mini Trampoline Determines Your Success

This is a critically important part.  There are literally a lot of mini trampolines on the market.  You have to be honest with yourself to discover the one that will perform best for you.  Be careful that you don’t talk yourself into a plan that you can’t comlete. Many people dissapoint themselves by taking on too much or having expectations that are too high.  If you do your research you will find the right mini trampoline for your needs.  You will end up with a successful long-term exercise routine.

Think back to your last exercise routine attempt.  Why did you stop?  Did you suffer an injury?  Did you get bored?  Was it just too hard to do every day?  Was it hard to find the time?  Answer these questions truthfully.  If you don’t figure out where you went wrong, you won’t be able to come up with a solution.

Don’t Over Do It.

Many people fail because they start their exercise progam too ambitiously.  It’s good to be excited, but you have to remain realistic.  If your last exercise program failed because it was just too much work, don’t make the same mistake again.  Fight the urge to overdo your first workouts.  Start slowly and consistancy is more important than the intensity of the workout.  If you go from no exercise at all to 5 to 10 minute mini trampoline workouts with little resistance, you are much more likely to avoid injury, soreness, and most of all, early feelings of defeat.  If you aim too high – expecting to go from a sedentary lifestyle to 45 minute workouts immediately, for example – you are setting yourself up for failure.  You are more likely to quite if you are trying to reach an unabtainable goal.

Finding the Time

You do have time to burn fat and calories on an mini trampoline.  No matter how intense your schedule is, there are people busier than you who find time to make an exercise routine work.  They have the same time constraints as you.  Everyone has the same number of hours in the day.  They simply figured out how to make it work.  You can, too.

Start by choosing the right time of day to do your workout.  Studies have shown that “Morning people” and “night owls” are wired differently physically.  Different people have energy at different times.  Think about when you work best.  If you wake up without an alarm clock ready to go, you should exercise first thing in the morning.  If on the other hand, you stay up late and get your best work done in the evening. You should probably do your workout in the evening.  You might find that you are one of the people who tire yourself out enough with a night workout to sleep like a baby.

You Can Do This!

Losing weight is not a punishment.  You are smart enough to know how to eat a little better and become more active.  If you are honest with yourself, you will choose the proper equipment.  The proper equipment will be enjoyable to use and you will look forward to your workout.  Don’t get caught up in which exercise burns more calories.  Find the right mini trampoline that you will use regularly.  Figure out the time of day that’s best for you to exercise.  Build the workout into your daily routine. It should become as routine as brushing your teeth or eating a meal.  Don’t over do it. Have fun.  Constancy is the key.   Ten minutes a day will yield results. 

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